An update from the health department...

On 09/20/2021, Governor Peter Ricketts signed an Executive Order to allow for comprehensive data sharing, to include county-level data related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The DHHS COVID-19 Dashboard had been removed previously and local health departments were advised they could not release data for counties with less than 20,000 in population. Today, the DHHS COVID-19 Dashboard has been published and will be updated weekly. The DHHS Dashboard can be found here:

The DHHS COVID-19 Dashboard has been re-introduced based on hospital capacity across the state. When 10% or more of the staffed hospital beds in Nebraska are occupied by COVID-19 patients, the Dashboard will be available and include current hospital capacity data. When less than 10% of staffed beds are being occupied by COVID-19 patients for a period of seven (7) consecutive days, the Dashboard will no longer be published.

While the Dashboard is available, PHS will not publish duplicative data but instead, include a link to the more detailed DHHS COVID-19 Dashboard on our website. The DHHS data includes hospitalization rates by health district, positive cases and vaccination rates by county, and more. PHS encourages district residents to visit the DHHS Dashboard for more information.

With the change in data reporting for Nebraska, the CDC county map is expected to begin showing current data from our state as early as this evening (09/21/2021). The CDC reports most maps should be updated by tomorrow at the latest. 

If you have questions on this change, please call our office at 402-826-3880.