Are you prepared to use CPR?

CPR we have all heard of it but are we all prepared to use CPR? What if someone we know has a cardiac event? I know I was not prepared to do CPR. But after going through an easy 30 minute training and several meaningful conversations with Kate, our public health nurse, I am now prepared to act.

It is even more important to know CPR when you think that 70 % of all cardiac events take place in a residential setting. Then add in the rural factor and you will see why it is so very important to learn basic bystander intervention Check – Call – Compress. In our rural areas we need to act while waiting for our volunteer rescue squads to arrive.

Is it scary – yes. But not acting could mean certain death for the individual experiencing a cardiac event. As each of us receives training on CPR and AED use, we make our communities stronger. Because of the training from the Saving Rural Hearts program, I am prepared to respond, to do compressions, to instruct someone to call 911 and retrieve the AED.

We all love our families and our community. We need to carry that commitment a step further and get trained so all of us are prepared to save rural hearts. I know it is scary but always remember inaction only results in death but action can save a life! Don’t worry about breaking a bone – that happens. Trust me, I think we can all agree it is better to have a fractured sternum than end up dead.

We hear a lot about being prepared for winter weather, floods, influenza but are you prepared to provide CPR for a neighbor in need? To get prepared contact Kate, our PHS Public Health Nurse. She will get you prepared and you will feel more confident and you will know that you can make a difference “Saving Rural Hearts”.

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