A Nitrate Violation Notice has been issued for users of the Village of Steele City, Nebraska Public Water Supply System. Nitrate was measured at 14 milligrams per liter on a sample collected on August 10, 2017. Parents are advised that Infants who are six months or younger, nursing mothers, and pregnant women should not consume Steele City water until further notice. In accord with State protocol, the Village of Steele City will offer an alternate source of water for infants who are six months or younger, nursing mothers, and pregnant women until the nitrates on the public water system are reduced below 10 mg/1.

Children who drink water with high nitrates can become seriously ill and die if their sickness goes untreated. Shortness of breath and blue baby syndrome are symptoms of drinking water with high nitrate levels.  Pregnant woman who drink the high nitrate tap water are told to consult with a doctor.

Water, juice and formula for children under six months should not be prepared with Steele City Tap water while this notice is in effect. Do not boil, freeze or let water stand in an effort to reduce nitrates. These actions will further concentrate nitrate levels.

Non-pregnant adults and children older than 6 months may drink Steele City tap water. Nitrate in drinking water can come from natural, industrial, and/or agricultural sources so the levels can vary throughout the year.

Contact the Village of Steele City for information regarding the status of the water system and the availability of alternate water sources.



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