Bacteria and Harmful Algal Bloom Results for the Week of August 21, 2017


Harmful Algal Blooms

Bluestem was below 20 ppb but will remain on Health Alert for at least one more week.

Swan Creek Lake (5A) and Willow Creek Reservoir have been removed from the Health Alert list.

A lake that exceeds 20 ppb of microcystin is placed on “Health Alert”. That lake will remain under  “Health Alert” Status until such time that it has tested below 20 ppb for two continuous weeks. If a lake is under a Health Alert, signs will be posted recommending people avoid full body contact activities such as swimming, wading, skiing, jet skiing, etc.

Non-contact activities such as boating, fishing, and camping are OK.


 Lakes that tested high for E. coli bacteria this week are listed below. E. coli  bacteria levels measured above 235 colonies/100 ml of sample are considered a higher risk for illness when swimming.  Considering the more rapid changes in bacteria conditions, signs are not posted with these higher levels although we want people to be aware and use their own judgment on their use.

Lake Name County Last Updated E.coli Bacteria
Branched Oak Lake
Lancaster 8/24/17 308
  Fremont Lake No. 10 (SRA) Dodge 8/24/17 1203
  Maple Creek Recreation Area Lake Colfax 8/24/17 388
  Pawnee Lake East Beach Lancaster 8/24/17 579
  Pawnee Lake West Beach Lancaster 8/24/17 268
  Wirth Brothers Lake (Site 27) Johnson 8/24/17 1203



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