Spring Weather Hazards


As spring weather arrives, so do its weather hazards. These can include severe weather such as thunderstorms, flooding, tornadoes, hail, and severe wind.

Understanding Severe Weather Hazards: TORNADO - tornadoes are violently rotating columns of air that can destroy buildings and cause significant injury or death. ACTION: Take shelter immediately in a sturdy structure. LARGE HAIL - hail can damage vehicles, crops, buildings, and cause injuries. ACTION: Move indoors away from windows. STRONG WIND - strong wind can knock over trees and damage buildings. ACTION: Move indoors away from windows. HEAVY RAIN - Heavy rain can cause flash flooding. ACTION: Avoid rising creeks and water-covered roads. LIGHTNING - Lightning strikes can cause significant injury or death. ACTION: Move indoors if you hear thunder.

Public Health Solutions hopes everyone can stay safe by following the recommendations and alerts from the National Weather Service. We also recommend downloading the FEMA app if you have a smartphone. The FEMA app sends you additional prompts to help keep you safe during a severe weather event. For more information, please visit weather.gov and learn more about what you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe this spring!




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