Health Equity Action Team to hold survey in Crete

by Keaton Burgess,

Public Health Solutions in Crete will be sending a team around the town to collect surveys from minorities.

As part of the Public Health Solutions’ work in health equity, they will soon be conducting a minority community needs assessment survey.

Part of the “Tell Me Your Story” campaign, the Health Equity Action Team, which is comprised of local community members, will be out and about in early January to late February to connect with others and conduct a survey on minority needs.

The purpose of the survey is to get more information from the community members and see what is needed and improve health outcomes for all who live in the Crete area.

Organizational Development Manager Megan Garcia said they are excited to start the survey.

“We are eager to hear the stories and experiences of our minority population within our district so that we may improve health outcomes for all who live here,” Garcia said.

Although the survey is only for minorities, Health Equity Coordinator Johanna Pesante-Daniel wants to remind people that minority includes more than people assume.

“There’s a lot more too it than just race,” Pesante-Daniel said. “Minority includes disabilities, foreign people and much more.”

Pesante-Daniel is hoping for a good turnout for the survey.

“We have four people on HEAT that are all bi-lingual, so we’re hoping for a lot of people to take the survey,” Pesante-Daniel said. “We’re hoping to reach at least 25% of the minority population.”

Doing the minority needs survey can allow Public Health Solutions the chance to see what is most needed in their community.

Pesante-Daniel said that the survey results could bring many benefits to the community.

“The survey helps us establish priorities and see what is needed the most in the community,” Pesante-Daniel said. “Once we know the priorities and what people need, we then get to work on meeting the many needs that people may have, especially after all the issues the pandemic brought.”

At the end of the day, the survey and HEAT are hoping to establish a few main goals.

“We are still working hard for more inclusion for minorities in the town,” Pesante-Daniel said. “We will continue to grow and work with awareness in the community.”



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